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    "They follow in its wake, consuming anything it leaves behind. They are the perfect cleansing fire that follows its slow, swimming apocalypse." - Moshi Kalani
    -- from Bird of Prey

      On holiday for 2 weeks from mid Feb 15 (Honor:4) MotoKCiModerator Jan 20 16:38:37 [News]  
      UNHi All

    A heads up that I will be on a break for just over 2 weeks from Mid Feb onwards, which means some of the orders around that time may well be delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, we will include an extra random rare (minimum) to all affected orders.

    Moto KCi
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      No eta yet on ALS (Honor:4) Matsu KurisuModerator Aug 26 14:56:30 [News]  
      We still don't have any eta on the next set, A Line in the Sand, from our local Brick & Mortar store :-(
    We will let you know as soon as we have an eta on stock. In the mean time you can always add cards to your wishlist to make sure you are notified as soon as we load stock.
    Happy gaming
    Matsu Kurisu
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      TCS stocks and repriced! (Honor:4) MotoKCiModerator Jun 26 18:46:56 [News]  
      UNHi All

    Most Ivory legal cards had been re-priced (reduced), and new TCS stocks also arrived.

    Happy Gaming!

    Moto KCi
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      More TCS stocks arrived! (Honor:4) MotoKCiModerator Jun 16 18:32:45 [News]  
      UNHi All

    More TCS stocks arrived, so now have everything in stock once again, and prices had been changed (mostly reduced).

    TCS is tournament legal from this week onwards, so get yours fast!

    Moto KCi
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      TCS stocks (Honor:4) MotoKCiModerator May 26 18:41:03 [News]  
      UNHi All

    We expect some TCS from our local brick and mortar store today/tomorrow. So we will have limited quantities available soon.

    More stocks are expected to arrive in a week or so, please check back often!

    Moto KCi
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      IVORY STOCKS NOW IN (Honor:4) Matsu KurisuModerator Apr 07 14:47:12 [News]  
      We now have all of our Ivory into the database.
    So fill out your personalities now :-)

    Please note, we post all orders from Auckland New Zealand, so they take 6-10 days delivery to the USA. We cannot courier orders as the cost is so high it would be more than most order card values :-(
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