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    "I will inform Kurohito-sama of Kaneka's arrival, but I fear he will not be pleased."

      IVORY STOCKS NOW IN (Honor:4) Matsu KurisuModerator Apr 07 14:47:12 [News]  
      We now have all of our Ivory into the database.
    So fill out your personalities now :-)

    Please note, we post all orders from Auckland New Zealand, so they take 6-10 days delivery to the USA. We cannot courier orders as the cost is so high it would be more than most order card values :-(
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      Small amount of Ivory in stock! (Honor:4) MotoKCiModerator Mar 11 16:53:05 [News]  
      UNHi All

    Our first (small) lot of Ivory arrived, we will put the remaining up shortly as they arrive over the week.

    Please check back soon for more Ivory!

    Moto KCi
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      Ivory cards entered (Honor:4) Matsu KurisuModerator Jan 24 16:03:30 [News]  
      Hi All
    I know you have all been wanting to create Ivory card proxies to build your decks. We have now completed entry of all of the Ivory edition cards, so build away. Strongholds are listed Gates of the Second City (going first) (going first) and {} (going second) to allow you to print proxies of both sides.
    Let us know via email to shop@l5rshop.com if you find any errors
    Happy gaming
    Matsu Kurisu
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      Xmas Promo Cards! (Honor:4) MotoKCiModerator Dec 18 16:07:40 [News]  
      UNHi All

    Very limited stocks of Xmas promos had been entered to the system, Happy Holidays from all of us here from L5RSsearch! Thanks for your support this year!

    Moto KCi
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      First lot of Aftermath Available! (Honor:4) MotoKCiModerator Nov 27 15:43:40 [News]  
      UNHi All

    Aftermath is now in stock, this is just the initial lot, more will come in the next few days, get your new cards while its fresh!

    Moto KCi
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      REMINDER: 20/20 Sale ends 31 Nov (Honor:4) Matsu KurisuModerator Nov 22 14:35:06 [News]  
      Hi all
    A quick reminder that the 20/20 sale finishes 31 Nov 2013 23:59.
    Get those last minute Holiday season orders in and save!

    The Team at Legendary
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